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Radio Marizia Bonifácio, leads the listeners teachings that generate more quality of life.

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Psychologist Marizia Bonifácio's Blog! Here you can learn ways to satisfy your partner.


Teaches exercises for auto body touch and facilitates female orgasm and male ejaculation.

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Marízia Bonifácio, began her sexual and emotional orientation through Radio in 1999, Na ACTIVIDADE FM 107.1, where she remained until July 2002. Later on Rádio JK, Globo AM, Band AM, Nativa, OK, Mig, Ação, Opção, CesbBrasília , and now in Cerrado FM 107.9 in Brasilia. To listen, download or app in Google Play.

She also had her own web radio, but since she was neither a desktop operator nor a computer technician, she chose to stop in the same year that it was founded, 2017..

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I was received by the out-of-hours program staff to talk about sex and answer the questions of the listeners on the subject.

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