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If you ask anyone what do you want most in life, the most common answer is to be happy.
Being happy for most people could be finance independence, love, and also a satisfying sex life.But each one of us has different needs and desires- different ways to sexual fulfillment.
Marízia Bonifácio took the initiative to remove all the veils thant make sex something distant and mysterious. The author uses a clear, straight to the point writing style to tell real sexual stories: the doubts, ansieties, fantasies and accomplishments.
Sex, 7 seconds is an informative and exciting book that will help the reader whether male or female, to find theirs own way to happiness.
Contain sexual explicit material-colored photos beside each paragraph.



That’s why I wrote the Sex, 7 seconds

Sensorial sex education directed to the construction of the individual self knowledge, with adcresses the processes necessary to the occurrence of orgasmic pleasure, the informations concerning the emotional balance, and also provides sensory learning in sexual practice, or knowledge construction.

Iknow we all still have much to learn aboat the energy that dwells in us, and because sexual desire is the force that moves everyone without distinction why female mutilation ?

How mutilated women can to feel pleasure or orgasm ?

All we hamans have “animal instinents” and how to fell more and more ?

Who should educate about sex, secuality and sensuality to everyone can have a balanced emotional life ? How to know the ways to live the 7 second´s?

And still has more …

If you ask anyone:”What do you vant most in life ?”Indeed, the most cammon response is: “Be happy”. Be happy, for most people envolve financial realization, love, ando f corse satisfying sex life. The themes love and Money are handled frequently and clearly, whether in Family, in schools or among frierds. The sex, however, despite having grea: importance in life of us ill and to be essential for the full realization of human beings, has Always been considerec a taboom. Each o fus has needs, desires and the way o sexual fulfillment is peculiar to cach. The lack of information leads as sometimes do no: understand how to love cash other and other and triggering conflicts that cause is to suffer unnercessarily.

The wold is experiencing in increasing speed, signifcant transfomations, producing chinges in vartually all aspects of life, including custos. But we must Keep attentive, because along with the facilities and ruch of the modern world there are losses.

A well know phenomeron is the fast food providing more time for people, but taking front hem the quality of life. That’s why the slow food movement gains more and more fans. The trivilization of sex creates a similar problem.

The excesso of images, movies, pornography and virtual interactions made possible by the internet, whthor withouta webcam pass the idea that sex is quanlity. We need to estabilisha counterpcint to that. Sex is sensitivity and share pleasure, it is wholeness, and it is life. Changing you sex life will change you life.

Marízia Bonifácio took the iniciative to remove all the veik that make sex something distan: and mysterius. The author has put into this book the debcary, clarity and the situations of the exciting stories of tleir patients; their doubts, anxienties, fantasies and sexual accomplishments, it is a the same time, a spicy and didactic book that will help the reader. Whether male off emale, to find their own way to be happy.

What you will see in this book


Preface by the author


Chapter 1 – Cultural evolution

Chapter 2 – Pleasure, divine gift. Getting to know your body and perceiving the feelings

Chapter 3 – Before the mirror a man´s body, a woman´s body

Chapter 4 – Foreplay techniques

Chapter 5 – Practice of oral and anal sex

Chapter 6 – Technique to control premature ejaculation

Chapter 7 – Conclusion

And still has more…

Sex, explicitly! (in other words)


1 – The prince got off of his white horse

2 – Changing your sexual life will change your life

3- Insatiable women

4 – Men always want to have a harem

5 – The harmony of merging souls

6 – Finding new ways for the sexual pleasure

7 – Anal sex – techniques for the Pleasure

8 – Anal sex – from theory to practice

9 – Anal sex, is it good or bad?

10 – Men always want, women deny until they practice it

11 – Father and mother don´t have sex

12 – Excitation

13 – Bad emotional breath

14 – Emotions

15 – The human being – sexuality and sex

16 – Sexual compulsion

17 – Mutilation of love?

18 – Sexuality and religion

19 – Control of sexual desire

20 – Stages of life, phases of sex

21 – Paraphilia

22 – Sexuality in the senior

23 – Sexual initiation – the first time

24 – Sex in india

25 – Sex science and philosophy

26 – The impact of internet on male and female sexual behavior

27 – Reflection – victim or a perpetrator

28 – Final considerations



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