Founded in January 2017, the radio station Marízia Bonifácio was born from the dream of Marízia, to maintain the continuous audience of the project sexual and emotional education, named Sex without Freshness, developed through conventional radios, since 1999. Having a captive audience of approximately 700 A thousand listeners only in the Federal District, the idea is to allow everyone who uses the Portuguese language to follow, using the internet.

Why I create the program no frills sex

Radio Marízia Bonifácio aims to bring to its listeners, for 24 hours, information of public utility, teachings that generate more quality of life, songs of all styles, including national and international, and five moments of prayer, without distinction of religion, allowing With this the aggregation of gratitude in the life of all. Programming can also be heard using the Radio Marizia Bonifácio application, available on Android and IOS platforms.

The radio has its audience monitored by an accredited institute, in order to measure IBOPE ratings. Becoming the best cost-effective, between audience and cost of insertion.

Note: The broadcaster is technically qualified, with a concentrated and captive audience. Able to run any public or private campaign.

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