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Radio Marizia Bonifácio, leads the listeners teachings that generate more quality of life.

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Psychologist Marizia Bonifácio's Blog! Here you can learn ways to satisfy your partner.


Teaches exercises for auto body touch and facilitates female orgasm and male ejaculation.

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Program Sexo Sem Frescura

Marízia answers the most disturbing questions and address the most controversial issues regarding sex life, speaking freely and openly about the subject. It's worth mentioning that the show is aimed to the general public.

Sexo sem frescura, Program that aims to guide and clarify the doubts of the listeners about emotions, sexual pleasure, behavior and spirituality.

Marízia Bonifácio's Radio in the palm of your hands.

For your convenience, the sexologist and sexologist Marízia Bonifácio's official app is now available. Check the best live shows, broadcastings and lot more out from wherever you are or whenever you like.

Download the app on Android or IOS with incredible formatting for any cell phone. Through it you will have a deep and true learning about sexology. Come check out the health and sexual education radio, here you will find different ways to understand your body, to meditate, to understand and to learn how to have a more active and better sex life. Who else will win is you!

Talking about sex in Out of Time! Ui ui ui


I was received by the out-of-hours program staff to talk about sex and answer the questions of the listeners on the subject.

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