Know a little more about this little star

Who am I

I,Marízia, graduated in Psychology in 1977, at the Uniceub DF Brazil. After graduating at Uniceub in 1977, I have attended of specialization in TDRH and in Sexuality and then took a Master's degree in Gerontology by UniCatólica in 2003 (incomplete), I was born on Set. 22, 1954, in the city Leopoldo de Bulhões,in the GO State. I came to Brasilia, the city that welcomed me and watched me grow up in all the aspects and here I am till then, since it never occurred to me to leave it, nor even I think that I will. Love is like that, no efforts are spared, and when we love we wish only to experience such love.

The beginning of everything

I was attracted to the sexuality area by chance. I had delivered a lecture called "Esoteric Psychology" at the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies in 1998. It was broadcasted by TV Camara nationwide. That week, during an informal meeting with the then Deputy Vigão (Wigberto Tartuce), as I mentioned what I was developing, I was invited to join his Sunday’s radio show. It happened between July and August of 1999. In September, he granted me a time at night, it was when I started the Sexo sem frescura, a show that aims to clear up and dispell doubts from the public on emotions, sexual pleasure, behavior and spirituality.

Books published so far

In 2000, I wrote a book with the same title, Sexo sem frescura, which addresses the development of a sensory knowledge. In 2009, I wrote book ebook, Sex, 7 Seconds Check here , which contains scientific articles and short stories with the same purpose. I am also the co-author of the book History of the Brazilian sexologies, in which I am referred to as one of the predecessors of sexology in Brazil.

The subject is sex

I have lectured at University Center of the Federal District (UniDF) between 1998 and 2002. I have delivered and still deliver lectures in the emotional and sexual field. I provide clinical services for children, adolescents and adults. Nowadays, I decided to see only patients via Internet, by Skype. (mariziapsy).

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